What is HDX Fit360?

HDFit360 is a 60 minutes fitness class that incorporates cardio, high intensity weight training, functional training and core training in a dynamic group setting. Each day is a new and different routine. Generally, we start the class with a warm up, move into weight training mixed with cardio and finish the class with stretching.

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At HDX Fit360 our mission is to challenge you to push past your current physical boundaries and let you enjoy a life of health, movement, experience and change.

Do you want to drop weight, build lean muscle and improve your cardiovascular fitness in a short amount of time? Of course you do, but that is only half of the HDX Fit360 program.

Our HDX Fit360 Bootcamp program will enable you to drastically improve your fitness, educate yourself on the latest fitness and nutrition concepts and strategies, and become part of a focused and active HDX Fit360 community.

With multiple HDX Fit locations and many available training times each week, the HDX Fit Bootcamp allows for every budget and schedule. You have got nothing to lose, and everything to gain!

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